In a little kitchen 15 years ago, a mom and her daughter unknowingly created the recipes that would launch Havsies over a decade later. It was a tradition, every Friday they made their secret recipe...and it kept evolving, growing and changing until it emerged into the bold, unique and irresistible flavors you know and love today. At Havsies, we believe in the authenticity of flavor, each and every bite tastes exactly as you remember it. No premixes here! Go Havsies on your favorite flavors with a friend our loved one! We believe that popcorn should be fun, creative & packed with flavor. Whether you're Team Savory, Team Sweet, or a little bit of both, there's something in our kitchen just for you! Each flavor is deliberately crafted to evoke an experience, or rekindle a memory. Our hometown of Los Angeles taught us to be bold, unique truly different from anything you've ever had before. And this city taught us well. This is Havsies, Thanks for popping by.